Some thoughts from my desk. Okay, from my kitchen table (Cloquet, Minnesota).


What was anticipated to be my biggest year of racing yet, was thwarted by COVID. And as much of a bummer as that was, it’s been a blessing in disguise. I’ve been playing in the Northland all summer. I love my home. I’ve been dreaming of ways to invest in my place. I am happy to be here.

If you’re looking for some dry reading on oral health. Read my cumulative undergrad final research paper. I would like these ideas, this info out in the world.

I am still, entirely passionate about oral health for native populations as well as dental health reform and innovation. However, I’ve decided to postpone dental school a year or two in order to pursue a community endeavor for which I believe needs to start now. I’ve witnessed times become increasingly polarizing, and I want to bridge worlds as best I can. I have worked really hard as a cyclist to pull myself up over barriers I perceived and I feel an obligation to bring the rewards of that journey home. I am working on a fellowship.

Anyways, I’m going to do an ITT of the Colorado Trail at the end of July; I will post a letter of intent as it gets closer.

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  1. cgfranzone says:

    Alexandera, I am excited about your new endeavor. You have so much to share, and I am eager to learn/listen. Please let us know how we can support your efforts.


  2. Kay & Neil Deupree says:

    More power to you as you pursue the healing of our society. Kay & Neil


  3. Teddy Parker says:

    Colorado Trail is on the bucket list for sure. Covid actually, indirectly, lead to me discovering and pursuing bikepacking so it is one of those things. Out of darkness, bring light. Was really excited to see your results this year. Good luck on your ITT. Does seem a shame to zip right by one of the most beautiful rides in the world lol

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  4. Lawrence Silcox says:

    Alexandera. Been following your writing and adventures for sometime, and that article on the Radavist brought me back here because I figured I’d likely read an update post here. Sure enough! Awesome. Also, just wanted to say, thank you for being you.


    1. cade says:

      “ Anyways, I’m going to do an ITT of the Colorado Trail at the end of July; I will post a letter of intent as it gets closer.” YES! Love this stream of consciousness. Find something beautiful. Be well up there. From Denver.


  5. Geoff says:

    I too came here by way of your incredible article on the Radavist. Thank you for sharing, your words reached me in a way that I needed.
    I also have to say that you really undersold your research paper as “dry reading on oral health”. Just like the article on the Radavist, your research paper is rich with knowledge, wisdom, and cultural insight and is very much worth reading.


  6. houchinc says:

    I haven’t read it all yet. I just noticed but I’ll finish it tonite. 


  7. I might see you on the CT!


  8. Dylan says:

    You are my current favourite cyclist. Keep fighting the good fight!


  9. Mike Ingram says:

    Hi Alex. The article on the Radavist was moving, the part about the little girl scrubbing her skin red brought tears. Hugs to you and best wishes, maybe little by little we can understand, grow and love each other more. I was hoping to yell “hello” to you on Tour Divide this year, but we’re all Covid shutdown. Best to you and congrats on your Degree !!!


  10. Corinne La Bella says:

    Hi Alexandera,
    I feel so fortunate to have come across your name and your story/stories! You are truly a great inspiration and I would be honored at the opportunity to talk to you about solo bike adventures. As a female who is working through some deep trauma I am pulled to ride a large portion on the GDMBT this summer. If you are inclined I would be so grateful to talk to you. THANK YOU for being such an incredible role model and sharing your words of wisdom, strength and courage.


  11. salsaboom says:

    Finding the words to express how grateful I am for your stories is difficult. The difficulties of time and an aging body present so many challenges for this rider and it helps to read how you cope with your obstacles. I find strength and encouragement in your stories and am forever thankful that you choose to share them with all of us. Please keep us posted as to your ITT on the Colorado Trail. Waterton Canyon is very nearly right in my backyard. Mi casa, su casa, just say the word.


    1. ahouchin says:

      I don’t even know if you get this, but if you do, can you send your email to me


  12. Ralph Karsten says:

    Hey Alex, you passed me on your single speed climbing the sheep divide on the old Bannock trail last year during the TDR. I was a bit star struck; you’re one of my heros. I just wanted to offer encouragement on your path. You inspire a lot of people out of who you are; it may not feel like it but you are what awesome is. I hope we meet up again. If in the Twin cities drop me a line!


  13. Dude!?
    Great to finally meet you today at Pine Valley. I’ve enjoyed following your journey since I found out about you. You are an absolute inspiration. If you ever need a training partner for winter racing shoot me a message.


  14. Neil Deupree, Kay Deupree says:

    Hi Alex, We’re wanting to email you. Can you send us your address? Thanks. Blessings on the trail ahead of you this year. Kay & Nril


  15. Patrick Lynard says:

    I’m so mad I never could ride long. This is the most inspireing story life story ever.
    I found Alex in the news article Star Tribune july 10 2021.
    Thanks. Patrick lynard retired. mpls


  16. Daniel Coyle says:

    Hello Alexandra! Congratulations on you having grabbed life by the “handlebars” ! I first read about you in the MN Volunteer Magazine. And most recently in the tremendous article in the Mpls. Sunday paper. I am retired and live in SE MN (Lake City) and while I still bike, it is on a pedal assist fat bike. I am wondering if there is any chance I could meet you in Cloquet (?) for water, coffee, lunch? Your story is incredible and it sounds like it’s just getting started. My cell is 651 564 1030, in the event you are willing to communicate with me. Congratulations on what you have accomplished and Thank you for what you are doing. Dan Coyle


  17. Just read your latest on the Radavist. I am amazed to see someone with the courage to not only explore their inner self, but also the courage to share the pain and struggle with others publicly. You have much compassion, much honesty, much persistance!
    I hope you will come to Colombia South America in the future. An incredible country, cycling nirvana and home to many indigenous peoples


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